Rank Your App on Google, Thinks to Keep in Mind
Aiman Asif

Aiman Asif

Rank Your App on Google, Thinks to Keep in Mind

Building an app is a big deal but developing an app is only the first step. Getting downloads is much easier for you if your app rank is good in Google Play Store.

But how do you improve your app in Google rank?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key factor to boost your app downloads. The process of reaching people interested in what your app has to offer is more effectual , when you optimize your app page, since you increase your rank positions for the right keywords.

Let’s discuss some factors which will help your app to rank high in Google Play Store.

1. Comprehensive store listing:

     According to Google it is the most important factor and it has the direct relation to your app’s discoverability.

It’s includes some factors like :

  • Title.
  • Description
  • Promo Text
  • Keywords

Title is the 1st thing and it’s very important because it’s the 1st thing someone see when your app appears on screen. It is the place where Google Play will look for most important keywords.

You have 50 character limit to place your brand name and it’s main functionality. Title should be short , cleaver as well as searchable. That’s the key.

Description is also very important for your app to rank. Use description to place important keywords. You can use 80 characters in short description and 4000 in full description.

Use keywords at least 3 and maximum 8 times to avoid keyword stuffing.

2. Feel and look Graphics :

                  High quality graphics are so important to attract audience and boost ranking on Google play. Your app should be bright, appealing and inviting.

Graphics actually include :

  • App icon
  • Screenshots
  • Images

Try to avoid generic color scheme. High light your top features and key benefits through screenshots and images as it will attract more audience.

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Come up with creative and colorful app icon. This all will surely help improve your download rate.

3. Expand your audience:

           You should have diverse target audience. Problem of language barriers is not a big issue because Google automatically has machine translations of all listing in play store.

Promote yours app on social media and talk about it on blogs and website. It will be helpful in ranking your app.  

4. Rating and reviews:

          User experience, rating and reviews is a mixture of direct and indirect ranking factors.

Nobody will use or download if your app don’t perform at high level . Download rate has a large impact on your ranking in Google Play store. To promote your app and get more downloads use your best marketing skills.

By encouraging feedback and interaction with users you can easily get reviews and rating.


      Life cycle of your app isn’t complete once you finish building it . It’s not enough. If you want to be successful you need users to download your app from Google play store. You need to know about Google Algorithm work to rank your app and make sure your app hits all requirements.

Start with a short title don’t forget that description is the best place for you to include keywords so your fan boost its search optimization.

So this is the recipe for success and shoot your app in top of the Google play store ranking.

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