Aiman Asif

Aiman Asif

Outbreak of COVID -19

The outbreak of COVID -19 was begun in December 2019 in Wuhan, China which has been now dispersing rapidly in the world. In January 2020 Coronavirus was stated 6th public health emergency of international concern by WHO.

COVID-19 is increasing day after day in Pakistan. The first case was reported from Karachi back in February 2020. This virus spreads across the board and has currently become a pandemic. WHO warned countries against an outburst of Coronavirus.

Basically Coronavirus was increased due to travel to other countries as we all know Pakistan has travel and trade with China and Iran.
Our country needs to be very careful because we have already brought in the virus. Due to an unexpected rise of Corona cases, Government did a strict lockdown in the country but our people didn’t take this matter seriously which leads to a sudden and alarming increase in Corona cases.
Pakistan’s economy is under great disintegration due to this virus and lockdown.

Our country will not able to absorb extended lockdown it will cause unmanageable economic loss. We don’t even have adequate resources to provide for the patients.
The majority of people earn on daily basis. The closedown of the whole country would cause death either due to depression and hunger or from COVID-19.

It has been determined that rather than complete lockdown, people should take precautionary measurements seriously, avoid gathering and partial lockdown will take place in order to provide basic necessities.
Corona is spreading again. In the end, I would only say take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Wear a mask, avoid gathering.

That’s the only way to kick corona from our country. Your nonserious behavior can cause destruction. Your one mistake can cause the death of many people.

Follow sop’s – Stay home – Stay safe

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