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Hajra Chaudhary

Book – A companion

Books are considered as the best companion of human being. A person without a book is said to be incomplete and at loss. With an increase of digitalization in all spheres of life, human being often finds oneself lonely and isolated. Having a book with oneself is like having a friend that a person can engage with irrespective of time and place. At present, books are available in all forms which make it easy for oneself to carry it.

Depending on the circumstances one is going through in life, a book can be a teacher, guide and a friend accordingly. Hence, to have a book is likely to have a complete package of guidance that one can steer in any direction.

Moreover, reading books also gives a person confidence in developing various perspectives. Considered as mysterious yet significant creation of human being, books enlighten one’s mind. It helps person know about the historical events leading in understanding of various concepts. Besides, book reading also helps in developing analytical skills.

Once a person has developed a baseline he or she become confident as the art has been mastered. Additionally, having knowledge gives a person direction that result in development of skills. Further, skill development helps oneself towards career establishment. Hence, in order to grow confident and rich one should develop the habit of reading books.

Book reading also helps in vocabulary enhancement. When a person reads a book and starts gaining information it develops his or her interest towards further learning. In this process of learning, a reader often comes across words that he or she is not familiar with. Thus, it leads to research and exploration of those complex words which results in abundance of vocabulary. That further helps a person in developing verbal and written communication. The better and stronger the vocabulary, the better a person can communicate. Hence, book reading helps a person in overcoming shortage of words in writing, speaking and debating.

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