About Us

There are a lot of problems and issues we are facing in our holy motherland. There isn’t any doubt that anti-Pakistani forces played their role pretty well in destabilizing Pakistan, but by the grace of Allah almighty, they are not yet successful. We are in a new era; everyone is a soldier in this war.

To overcome the odds team of young and energetic individuals decided to step up and help others to play their part in the prosperity of our homeland. Bring A Change is a non-profitable organization made to confront the Anti-Pakistan propaganda in an absolute productive way. We are also here to highlight social issues and set our own rows for strengthening the roots of the Islamic Republic.

Now Team Bring A Change is determined to work on ground for the welfare of our people and to meet the difficulties of people , to show the positive and true side of Pakistan to the world.

Our Mission

We want to highlight the serious issues we’re facing today and leading awareness campaigns. Bring A Change Organization also works on highlighting the positive and beautiful image of Pakistan and Islam to counter foreign propaganda. We want to create awareness among the masses so they also know their responsibilities as a citizen of Pakistan.

Defend The Ideology of Pakistan

One of the key missions of our organization is to defend the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We know the challenges issued by the so-called liberals working on foreign agendas. We will never let anyone play with the ideology of our beloved land for their pitty, worthless personal interests.

Play a positive role in the Unity of Muslim Ummah

We are well aware of the propaganda of foreign forces that want to cause unrest between Shia and Sunnis. Bring A Change Organization is here to establish a friendly and brotherly environment between all sects of Islam in Pakistan.

5th Generation warfare

This era is not similar to previous ages. 5th Generation Warfare is the most destructive as compared to other kinds of warfare. In such type of wars, the enemy uses misinformation as a primary weapon. We are always keeping our eye open and will always provide real information against every misinformation.


Amna Jabeen


Zain R Hamid

Co Founder

Namra Khalid

Executive Director

Maryam Masood

Senior Manager

Hey! We Need Your Help..

We need your help in this cause. Pakistan needs you in 5th Generation warfare, Muslim Unity, Love, Peace, and Harmony. If you are Blogger, Vlogger, Author, Social Media Influencer, Graphic Designer, or anything which can help us and Pakistan by any necessary means, join us today.